Directory Structure: Linux

It is very important to know about the Linux directory structure. I most of the case if you work as a System Administrator, you have to work in bash/ multiuser mode / black screen with no graphical interface and only commands of Linux will be used. If you don’t know where to go and in

Installation: Cent OS 7 Linux distribution

All the Linux distribution out there have the same way of installation.  Well, I have learned my lessons while installing for the first time. I lost all the data of my precious HDD, actually twice xD. There are lots of good tutorials out there on YoutTube how to install Linux Distributions. But before starting there are

Get into the Basics: Linux

  Let’s start with a boring but essential part of Linux. Well for starters you may not like it but by the end of the series, you are gonna love Linux. History Of Linux: 1969 – Two engineers of AT&T Bell Labrotires  Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie started Unix Operating System. 1977 – A team

Game development ideas for beginners

Yesterday my younger brother told me that he want’s to be a game developer, but he doesn’t have any idea about coding. Then the thought came to my mind why not write a small article about my views on Game Development.  I don’t know much about game development but it’s the age of Internet and google is there. So,

Variables, numbers and data type – Swift 3

One can represent numbers using swift just creating a variable. variables, numbers and data type is essential in every programming language. Swift  automatically detects which type of Variable it is. If you want to mention the variable type just add : after the variable name and then mention the type. Variable is a container to

Why I am learning Swift 3 not C# or Java in 2k17

Let’s start with a question. Why Swift 3 in 2k17 where I can learn hybrid application development with Xamarin, Codova-Ionic or PhoneGap? Well the first thing that came to my mind is I want to build app for an specific system where all the functionalities of a device can fully be used and manipulated for

Requirements for iOS Application development

First thing first, without passion and patience it’s too tough to become a programmer. Again it’s not a rocket science and you don’t need to be good at Maths but what you will need is good understanding in logics and object oriented programing. And lazy people are good programmers (not really) because as they finds

Linux for Programmers (ubuntu 14.04 LTS)

Hello !! Are you a developer / coder confused about moving on to Linux. Good news for you. You can easily code in your favorite programming language in Linux distributions. So, this post (linux for programmers) is dedicated to the developers new in linux. Here are some IDE ( Integrated development environment ) which can be