Yesterday my younger brother told me that he want’s to be a game developer, but he doesn’t have any idea about coding. Then the thought came to my mind why not write a small article about my views on Game Development.  I don’t know much about game development but it’s the age of Internet and google is there. So, I did some digging and these will be based on what I found in showtime and yes, it’s not a solid one because it can be different based on your thoughts and how you look into it. Let’s watch the video first. Hope it will give you a clear idea about this sector of development.



Before learning how to build games, do some research on your own and know how the job market is and what are the responsibilities of a game developer and related scenarios. If you know what to learn  and what is expected of you then the learning will be precise and much easier. Here is an example: Game Developer Job Requirements.

Here is one of the best selling course on Game Development using C# and Unity 3D which I found useful. Take a tour on the link and watch the intro video and read the reviews of the course. Reading review is so important before buying a course from any online course providing sites. Well, there will be some paid reviews which will always show  5 stars and tell the course is best but here is the catch: read insider reviews of genuine participants. You will easily get the answer you are looking for.

You may not be from CS background. Does it matter?? . Not at all. Right amount of practice and understanding can make you a good developer. If you liked the video then you must need to know the basics of Programming. I really like this YouTuber (Hitesh Choudhary) and his videos always come in handy when I try to know the updates of related fields.

Check out his video on : Top 5 Programming to learn in 2018



Also can check other videos, but too much searching is bad for learning. Choose one language and jump into it and keep yourself there until you finish learning. Most cases you will get ideas from other why you choose this, that would be better, you are learning the wrong thing. Don’t listen to anybody. If you love it, just keep learning and build small projects.  Don’t think that you have to build a big game. Start with small games and mini projects.

Ask questions in StackOverflow and StackExchange , follow  developers in GitHub, open account in GitHub and keep your codes there if you feel like to share them with world. If you want to keep your codes private then use BitBucket. These are Version Control System, which keeps track of your codes based on time stamps and you will never loose your old codes after modifying them.

Now you know a lot about the game development related fields. Well, now comes desktop based games and handheld based games. To be specific if you know C# and Unity 3D, trust me, you can build games for both machines (platforms). Probably by now you heard the word “Xamarin” in YouTube videos. Yes, it’s about the cross-platform (hybrid)  game development platform for handheld devices. You can build one game in Xamarin using C# and Unity 3D and able to run it in both Android and IOS devices. How cool is that?

If you like my idea, then you can buy the course or download it form here(if you have the ability to purchase then do it as buying will definitely help the instructors and developers behind the course. )


N.B: Coping from the course contents and doing exactly like the video won’t make you a good developer. Try to understand the concepts and how the things are working and how to do what. Then try to modify what they show you and use your creativity. Read documentation to build the masterpiece with your idea on it.



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