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Let’s start with a boring but essential part of Linux. Well for starters you may not like it but by the end of the series, you are gonna love Linux.

History Of Linux:

  • 1969 – Two engineers of AT&T Bell Labrotires  Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie started Unix Operating System.
  • 1977 – A team of University of California, Berkeley created the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD).
  • 1993 – A student of Helsinki, Finland; Linus Torvalds developed the Kernel (the heart of Linux)

This is long history in short version. Anyone can know more about the full history from Wiki the greatest encyclopedia.

Variants Of Linux:

There are many variants of Linux out there but here are some widely used Linux variants/ distributions.

All the things I will show in this series will be on CentOS 7 which is an opensource version of RedHat.

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