First thing first, without passion and patience it’s too tough to become a programmer. Again it’s not a rocket science and you don’t need to be good at Maths but what you will need is good understanding in logics and object oriented programing. And lazy people are good programmers (not really) because as they finds way to make and do things easily and with less labor. let’s jump into the requirements for iOS app development.

I am a web developer and also have basics idea Android Apps development. But it seems to me iOS development is lot more easier since SWIFT came into play.

I have previous experience with Java and compared to Java, swift is lot more straight forward and easy in implementation. Well living in a third world and underdeveloped  country, many of us won’t able to buy an Apple device which is quite expensive and there is no Apple authorized support here in Bangladesh. You can get one in the market which will cost you extra 10K-20K to buy a new one whereas you can buy a clone Windows machine with higher configuration within your budget.

I started learning swift and iOS development using Virtual Machine installing into my windows computer (laptop). Good thing was Xcode ( IDE for iOS app development) is not memory hungry like Android Studio. So, I was able to run Xcode  in OS X Sierra in VM without any trouble.

my workstation and gadgets

my workstation and gadgets

Initially thought of building a Hackintosh then when I came to know about the terms and conditions of app store for developers, I changed my decision. For starters like me VM is the best choice but when you are gonna publish an App you will need an Apple device aka MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or a Mac Mini.  To test and debug I think initially iOS device (handheld) is necessary but having one is always a plus.

Having a gaming laptop (Lenovo Y700) I was a bit confused whether I will buy a MacBook Pro selling this one or buy a Mac Mini. Initially I did my market research and calculating my budget I finally bought a Mac Mini (late 2014) i5 2.6 GHz, 8 GB RAM and 1 TB of HDD. As I mentioned earlier in here I have to pay extra cash to buy one. It cost me 65000 BDT where in apple store it’s sold in $699.

So, why I have chosen mac mini instead of buying a fully portable one like MacBook?

I did my research as a beginner I can start with mac mini and it’s quite a great device unless I go for high end game development. Therefore, for starters like me it can support me easily for next 2 years for general application development.

All you are gonna need is a monitor and keyboard-mouse; which I already had. So, why selling a good windows 6th Generation i7 gaming laptop for a MacBook? I prefer keeping it and mac mini is good enough for me as I can carry it in my office and as well as can use it in my home. And the most beneficial thing is it lot lighter than my current laptop.

If you want to jump into iOS development I will suggest you to follow my footsteps as you are like me and if are good to buy a MacBook you should definitely buy it which will be the best thing to start with.




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