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Directory Structure: Linux

It is very important to know about the Linux directory structure. I most of the case if you work as a System Administrator, you have to work in bash/ multiuser mode / black screen with no graphical interface and only commands of Linux will be used. If you don’t know where to go and in

Get into the Basics: Linux

  Let’s start with a boring but essential part of Linux. Well for starters you may not like it but by the end of the series, you are gonna love Linux. History Of Linux: 1969 – Two engineers of AT&T Bell Labrotires  Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie started Unix Operating System. 1977 – A team

Linux for Programmers (ubuntu 14.04 LTS)

Hello !! Are you a developer / coder confused about moving on to Linux. Good news for you. You can easily code in your favorite programming language in Linux distributions. So, this post (linux for programmers) is dedicated to the developers new in linux. Here are some IDE ( Integrated development environment ) which can be